The mystery of Ho Ching


By: Augustine Low/

Those of you who think that you can’t have your cake and eat it need only look at Ho Ching. The wife of the Prime Minister is proof that definitely, positively you can have your cake and eat it – be one of the world’s most powerful women yet be so elusive and reclusive.

The recently released 2017 Forbes Power Women list has Ho Ching in the 28th spot, up two places from last year. She has been on the list every year since 2004.

This year, Ho Ching is ranked above high-powered women like New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern (38), Nikki Haley, US Ambassador to the UN (43), China’s First Lady Peng Liyuan (51) and Hillary Clinton (65).

If you run down the list of 100 women, you can be sure that the women (with very few exceptions like Ho Ching) are subject to intense public and media scrutiny. With power comes the added pressure, responsibility and accountability.

Ho Ching is conspicuously different. When was the last time you saw her deliver a speech at an event? Give a media interview? Subject herself to account for anything?

She does not even front the annual press conference to present the Temasek Holdings’ financial scorecard. This is so unlike other major organisations like SingTel and DBS Bank – you can be sure the CEO is front and centre of of it all when their financial performance is presented, fielding questions and giving media interviews. Temasek Holdings appears to adopt the unusual stance of putting the CEO at the backburner when it comes to media relations, transparency and accountability.

Ho Ching has been CEO of Temasek Holdings since 2004. For many years now, we have been hearing the usual refrain from Temasek Holdings about succession planning. This year, at its annual press conference, the same thing was regurgitated, this time by investment head Dilhan Pillay Sandrasegara: “As we have said over the years, the board has an annual succession review and that’s the discipline we put in place.” We call this PR-speak – rehearsed words that say something but really mean nothing.

To add intrigue to the mystique of Ho Ching, there was the spectacular fallout earlier this year with brother-in-law Lee Hsien Yang and sister-in-law Lee Wei Ling, who made allegations about her abuse of power and undue influence despite her holding no political position. It does come across as somewhat of a rarity that one of the world’s most powerful women for 13 years running does not even hold political office.

The power she wields is undoubted, but what is mystifying is that Ho Ching is totally shielded from any interaction and interface with both the public and the media in today’s age of open and rigorous communication. From time to time, we do see Facebook postings of hers (like holidays shots and monkey making rude gesture) but that’s about it.

How nice it is to be Ho Ching then – to have your cake and eat it, to NOT have to be appraised and scrutinised, to remain elusive and reclusive and yet exert all the power imaginable, away from the public eye, away from the media spotlight.

Augustine Low is a former journalist and managing director of a public relations agency.

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  1. Facebook Profile photo
    rlsh2017 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    SImple. Late LKY haunting her & she’s hiding behind LHL. See her at Asean Summit?. No reason to be there. Preparing herself to be next PM?

  2. be mindful the former journalist who wrote this article run a PR agency. doubting what was his intention of writing this article? HC is the customer? her power does not come from her own hands and she did not build it herself. Unlike her MIL, her MIL built the dynasty and a very top lawyer. Her MIL is the woman behind the founding PM and will always stay out of politics. Look at when her MIL appear on political stage before? even if she did so she would stand behind the camera.

  3. Kirby Wong says:

    Not only away from public scrutiny, also away from office and accompany husband travel all over the world… that explains the power ranking, absentee CEO but still in the seat!

  4. Ownself give ownself power.
    Ownself abuse ownself system
    Ownself see ownself worthy
    Ownself nv admit ownself
    Ownself appoint ownself
    Ownself favour ownself system.
    Ownself meritocracy ownself ppl.
    Ownself see ownself support
    Ownself support ownself conflict of interest

    Consciousness Vs Selfishness
    Righteousness Vs Compassionate
    Consciousness Vs $$$


  5. You are ABSOLUTELY correct a credible person cant have money and credit to himself or herself and claiming to be serving our country I recently came across am idiot that said he would volunteer to raise up to the occasion he called to and to ad the next PM he must be nuts and we are in grave danger if he succeed not proven not tested not challenge and being promoted and elevated to a level of incompetency and fantasy

  6. Facebook Profile photo
    Norman Wee ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Obviously Chinese are smarter… Talk less work more… More deeds than words… Talk is cheap, work is expensive.. What else?.… Big mouth little hands … Bullshitters don’t get works done… But then Confucius says: a thousand km journey begins with the first step and talking is the first step. Amen

  7. Facebook Profile photo
    Lester Kok ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    The article would have us believe she could have her cake and eat it too! But wait a minute… didn’t the 28th-ranked most powerful woman in the world just recently bleat and raise a stink about having to execute ‘dogsbody’ errands herself, cleaning up the big mess at 38 Oxley? … sure looks to me then, a protean multitasker:-)

  8. Panama papers fallout took 10 months paid leave from “WORK” and was very helpful to the “reversed wife” Mdm Loong clear up the famiLee home at Oxley for next dynastic transition of dishonorable son to jump chain of command have to bang the dinner table grandson.

  9. Aaron Loy says:

    Probably the architect of our public transportation breakdowns. I wouldn’t be surprised if she spearheaded the sloppy cost cuttings to increase profits at smrt/sbs as one of its major shareholders.

    1. Daniel Ong says:

      That’s the true my$tery! We’ll have to get the necessary checks and balances. It is NO longer permissible to conduct herself without accountability. Again, the wealth of Singapore BELONGS to the citizens. And, yes, we’ll ALL have a share of it correctly and fairly. Financial management is of the Absolute Imperative. Proper and Independent Audits must be done. An Annual report will be mandatory. There is NO two way about it!

  10. She keeps Moët et Chandon
    In her pretty cabinet
    ‘Let them eat cake,’ she says
    Just like Marie Antoinette
    A built-in remedy
    For Kruschev and Kennedy
    At anytime an invitation
    You can’t decline

    Caviar and cigarettes
    Well versed in etiquette
    Extraordinarily nice…

    She’s the killer clowwwwn

  11. Facebook Profile photo
    Gary Seet ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    no mystery really.. she is wife of insignificant other…she can do anything she wants or do zilch! And still earn big bucks ! 70% are really quite happy with that!!

  12. World’s most powerful woman??!! Please what can she do?? She’s just getting paid tons of taxpayers’ $$$ but she’s totally useless at her job…..She only has influence in Singapore….she and her team are
    really good at making bad investments though……

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