Third generation Lees disavow interest in ascent to premiership of Singapore


The Oxley feud has forced 3 grandsons of Lee Kuan Yew to renounce politics. This means that there will not be a third generation Lee who will ascend to the highest office in the land and in the foreseeable future, after the end of Mr Lee Hsien Loong’s premiership.

Dr Lee Wei Ling and Mr Lee Hsien Yang, Mr Lee’s children, issued a public statement on 14 June saying they have “lost confidence” in their brother, PM Lee and that based on their interactions with their brother and his wife, they “harbour political ambitions for their son, Li Hongyi”.

Siblings says they have no confidence in the Prime Minister

Their public statement forced Li Hongyi to declare that he has no interest in politics.

For what it is worth, I really have no interest in politics

Posted by Hongyi Li on Thursday, 15 June 2017

After Li Hongyi’s declaration, 2 sons of Mr Lee Hsien Yang, Li Huanwu and Li Shengwu, also publicly declared their disinterest in politics and public office.

My brother, in his own words.Thankfully all of you know better than to even speculate about any interest in politics on my part.

Posted by Li Huanwu on Thursday, 15 June 2017

Twelve hours ago I gave the following statement to AFP: "Not only do I intend never to go into politics, I believe that…

Posted by Shengwu Li on Thursday, 15 June 2017

Besides stating his disinterest in public office, Li Shengwu also said that he believes that it would be “bad for Singapore if any third-generation Lee went into politics.” He added: “The country must be bigger than one family.”

Mr Lee Hsien Yang, and his wife Mrs Lee Suet Fern, have three sons: Mr Li Shengwu, Mr Li Huanwu and Mr Li Shaowu.

Dr Lee Wei Ling, Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s daughter, has no children of her own.

Their elder brother, PM Lee Hsien Loong has four: Ms Li Xiuqi, Mr Li Yipeng, Mr Li Hongyi and Mr Li Haoyi. Mr Li Hongyi is the first born of PM Lee and his wife Ms Ho Ching.


  1. They can always change their minds, act noble and say they are putting the country’s interests before themselves. And how they want to contribute and help Singaporeans. Even a will is not legally binding and doesn’t need to be challenged with due process liao you think some comment made over FB will have any value? Blah blah blah.

    With you, for you, for Singapore.

  2. Don’t have interest in Politics doesn’t mean they WILL NOT STEP into Politics. Lots of us have no interest in our jobs too, but we are still doing it cause we need to. Words spoken from those from a Political Family can believe? Naive lah you all.

  3. Does it matter? The perverse system is already in place in the administration. To reverse that alone would require some miracle. Whoever steps up, do you honestly believe will give up their million dollar paychecks for doing the right thing? That’d be believing a tiger won’t eat you if you share his lair.

  4. There’s no reason how and why the Lee’s third generation hv to be deprived from aspiring to be a future PM to govern the country because of 38 Oxley!

    I will only believe when PM Lee announces this ‘tragic’ news, not otherwise.

    FAKE NEWS???

  5. If they are good, why restrict their possible service? If they are no good sg is a democratic country, just dun vote for them. To be a minister, they have to be MPs. What perverse system is there in the administration. There is no perfect government N no perfect policy.

  6. Can we consider this as a fake News…? When they suddenly step in 1day out of the blue. Then what oh….my mother HC say must do for the common good of SG..blar blar blar excuses. Hahaha whatever a person think and want sometime change as is beyond one control especially in a super high profile position .

  7. LKY lied many times to the people, LHL lies almost all the time to the people. This Lee family thrives on lies to enrich and empower themselves. Lying is in the Lee’s DNA. Can one think LKY’s grandsons would give up their natural instinct to lie to the people some more for more wealth and power?

  8. 哎呀!滥权就对啦!!!以公或以私都不对!!!!他的幼弟还真会评判!!!厉害过贵为总理的大哥!!!换作李显扬当总理才对!!!李显龙真差劲!!!乱乱事情!!!确实是没料的!!!不机智!!!和他老爸相比还差远的!!!Aiya…Abuse power lah!!!If as his pm position or as private personal position also not do right thing!!!!Lhl little bro still knew to do correct judgement!!!Brilliant than his old bro…better change lhy be president!!!!Lhl is lousy…anyhow doing!!!Really is no any steady…not clever!!!Still cant same with his dad!!!

  9. If things are so simple, LHL will have just respect his father’s will and demolish the house and put any siblings feud aside, the more you resist the more people will speculate what is your motive. To best deal with you, step down immediately, and I am sure you will earn the respect like your dad

  10. A good leader must have a loving heart, care and serve the people and never make himself/ herself rich.
    Worst, Family members, relatives and associates tags along

    I believe this incident showed someone squeeze the necks of few people. End up, they retaliated

  11. Let the 30% vocal minority opposition goondoos go to town and howl from the rooftops, and amuse themselves by chasing their tails in crazy circles like wild pigs gone mad on social media, who cares! The 70% silent majority don’t give a rat’s arse what the 30% thinks, says or writes. The opposition parties and the 30% have one main wish……. raid the reserves and let’s party. And the silent majority is duty bound to prevent that from happening. We’ve been doing that since 1959. Good job lah, silent majority.

  12. Again $0.01 cent of comments ……..
    But I thank that this country is safe and well recognized world wide …. not to mention the network linking. That why all enjoy in comfort pressing comments without worry robbers, terrorist or riot behind us .

    Good job SG

  13. 哎呀!滥权就对啦!!!以公或以私都不对!!!!他的幼弟还真会评判!!!厉害过贵为总理的大哥!!!换作李显扬当总理才对!!!李显龙真差劲!!!乱干事情!!!确实是没料的!!!不机智!!!和他老爸相比还差远的!!!(本小姐是在贊扬小弟,贬斥大哥的才能!!!叙述大哥不比小弟聪明!!!同时也比较大哥和老爸的才能是天渊之别!!!本贴文也是依照实情直言!!!並非本人有此看法,同本小妮子有共同观点,也大有人在!!!正好也有外国传媒,都说了!!!李显龙是不行的!!!这一点果然是说对了!!!)Abuse power lah!!!If as his pm position or as private personal position also not do right thing!!!!Lhl little bro still knew to do correct judgement!!!Brilliant than his old bro…better change lhy be president!!!!Lhl is lousy…anyhow doing!!!Really is no any steady…not clever!!!Still cant same with his dad!!!

  14. means what…. long ago history, emperor son, son’s son, and many more sons take on throne…. it is natural instinct, which other sitters can take up this role better? if u choose oppo, wad gd will it do 4 us? no hse upgrade, no bonus, etc…

    u all say til so ez.. walao!