Trains disrupted during evening peak hours as well – netizens chew out SMRT


The train disruptions along the North-South line this morning and, again, this evening sparked another round of outrage from netizens – the third one in just a week.

It was clear that everyone has had it with SMRT, with netizens lamenting about SMRT’s terrible transport management.

One netizen mentioned that commuters should not have to pay extra to tap out for the delayed rides, while another exasperated commuter suggested that SMRT should compensate the public with free rides for the rest of the year.

While trains resumed normal service after the massive North-South line delays in the morning that were traced to a track fault, train disruptions hit yet again in the evening.

At 5.09pm, SMRT tweeted that only one station platform would be operational for trains on the North-South line towards Jurong East this evening – which again, meant that there would be a longer travel time.

This only added fuel to the fire, especially since people were anxious to return home after school or work.

Commuters have clearly had enough of train disruptions. When will SMRT finally walk the talk and fix issues once and for all, so commuters can go to work and school and return home on time, without stress?

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    Kmanly Kmanly ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    If u guys seriously want to complaint….complaint with your vote during election. No wonder PAP wins by 69%….Thanks to them. SMRT is our just dessert.

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        Kmanly Kmanly ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

        Resign….will never happen in S’pore. When our Mas Selamat escaped from detention, no one dies except the guard. S’pore minister is not like Japan. I show lots of respect for Japan minister. Ownself resign ownself…unlike S’pore minister…..ownself siam ownself.

  2. What can an army guy who in charge can do? Didn’t one already resigned , and the other army guy sold the only one national carrier NOL away because of their incompetence?

  3. Edwin Kwan says:

    Any blame needs to be dealt with by a proper review. Firstly, the idea that you can list the SMRT or SBS Transit has to be reexamined. I am unsure if there are listed transit systems around the world that can be profitable, dividend paying without land bank, capital infusion, etc. The previous decision makers are probably old, sick or dead now. But what is certain is that Temasek and ComfortDelGro Delgro made money then. Secondly, the pursuit of financials like profit came at the expense of service. When the system was younger and simpler, one can postpone planned maintenance and capital improvement. But over time, the revenue cannot pay for aging problems that need maintenance, rolling stock, etc. Thirdly, now where we are : SMRT is part of Temasek and it is certainly not a pure private company. ComfortDelGro is given the right to operate buses and trains. That right is given by the LTA. So, the MRT network is under government mandate one way or another, minor or major. Fourthly , the government owe all commuters answers why the system is so broken and shameful. The answers include the overall plan to stop the PAIN once and for all. Finally, we ran a TOP class airport, and a TOP class seaport. We were the first in the world with ERP. Soon, we will have the car parking app nation wide, that is probably a first in the world. Why then, we the citizen of Singapore, for whom the government’s core purpose is to have actions that revolve around the people (citizen), have to contend with it every other day ? Most commuters do not drive or are driven like the Ministers, scholars, TOP civil servants. We take buses, trains and use our legs. Somehow, we have got to deal with it because it inconvenience many citizens and put a big shame on our country. It’s now becoming a third world system – breakdown, irregular schedule, accidents, etc. In fact, if we meditate on the PAP (People’s Action Party) manifesto, we will say : Heck it ! Roll up your sleeve and get on with it. That is why we see Lee Kuan Yew rolling up his trousers and wading in sea water to get to his constituents. Shouldn’t the Ministers, scholars and TOP civil servants think like LKY and the constituents (who are the citizens of Singapore). If this were the USN, the senior military officers would be relieved of command pretty fast due to lost of confidence. Here, I think the citizen has lost confidence. This is why non mainstream media can hit at you every other day.

  4. Henre Tan says:

    Simply look around you during peak hour ride and see how many fts around. With low or no maintenance and extra passengers load, it’s no surprise that it’s breaking down so often. Seems like it’s a matter of time before a total breakdown happens…..those highly said clowns should just relinquish their post and make way for someone more experience, and not just any tom, dick or harry (harry???)

  5. Farz Zana says:

    The peak period are everywhere terrible especially we center use escalator going to platform. We have to use staircase that horrible for old people like me

  6. Ronald Lim says:

    They don’t care with you people! Because come elections, they give you some pittance and you will gladly vote for them! You get what you deserve, Me? I’m retired so don’t have to put up with these inconveniences. 🙂

  7. 宫雨 says:

    Knnbccb. Pay all affected commuters sgd1000 for every breakdowns. Learn from iras, summon u so that you can file promptly . Double standard at its best.

  8. In Singapore one thing for sure is no accountability by Ministers and CEO seconded by government to this temasek own company , PAP government only know to criticise opposition for accountability but they don’t.

  9. Now that they have turned private, they don’t even have to explain why they are paying that useless bunch millions of dollars for continually messing up

  10. Norman Wee says:

    I have advised them to look into hacking, as such lapses have happened more often and more serious after Singapore whacked the backsides of a few Europeans for train vandalism.

  11. Losheah He says:

    KBW, members of your BIG FAMILY got no guts to come to your rescue.They let you die alone. KBW ,be a man ,resign lah. We don’t curse at you b cos you are a Buddhist and was once a straight man but not now due to bad influences.Resign now and go back and practise chanting .

  12. It is Okay for SMRT n G because is your problem did locate extra time for travel with technology machine, the SMRT n the G is Ok! They still get the upper world class salary fir their spouse.

  13. Facebook Profile photo
    Avery Yandaokia ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    the other day, almost an entire ops dept was late,some by an hr. n they r a critical backbone of the company. it’s about time to calculate gdp losses lol…n compensation to the long suffering commuters of course.

    perhaps the transport minister might wish to make a statement regarding our first world standards?

    castigating the media for reporting facts, cherry picking stats to ownself praise ownself is not becoming of the highest paid minister in the world.

  14. Martin Lee says:

    KBW….no guts to come out and explain why trains breakdowns…do often…if this will to be happen either Taiwan or Japan….the minister will auto resign…you no shame at all ..
    same as the CEO….total let down to your country…and the worst is the PM have no gut to sack you….wake the 70% idiots who voted for this government…

    1. According to KBW, signalling faults are considered part of the LIVE testing of the new driverless system, so the “breakdowns” are not considered as faults in the computation of the reliability but part of ironing out the bugs. As far as he is concerned the trains are still 3 times more reliable compared to 2015, the point he took over.

    1. Losheah He says:

      Rita, with due respect to you, check who sets the O level papers, who approved, who mark the papers and who grade the papers.Take your own time slowly check it out.

  15. 周文伟 says:

    Its the golden opportunity for them to rake in as much profit as possible to cover the fines they paid and future loss thru more fines by LTA. If can get more profit without impunity, why the hell not??

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