Video of extremely filthy, roach infested home trends online; appears to be a Singapore flat unit


A video of a filthy, roach infested home is circulating online. The home appears to be a public housing unit in Singapore, as evidenced by the NTUC Fairprice and Sheng Siong supermarket plastic bags that can be seen strewn about in the video.

A man wearing a PLT Engineering uniform can also be seen walking about in the video. A quick Google search shows that PLT Enginnering pte ltd is based in Singapore.

Another woman is caught on camera. It is unclear whether the elderly lady is an occupant of the home or if she is a volunteer helping in clean-up efforts. Several cockroaches can be seen crawling over the woman who nonchalantly stoops and works.

Catch the video of the highly disgusting home here. Viewer discretion is advised:

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  1. For sure we will have more of such issues if hdb n TC don’t look into the seriousness of such living condition.I am alrdy seeing such activities ongoing right above my unit,hoarding n cluttering the inside as well as the corridor.Hammering n dismantling the items tt they collected,making a hell of a noise daily.Such ppl collect rubbish turn their home into a rag& bone business.Am not against anyone fr earning a decent living but they no right to endanger the lives of others ard them.
    So is time TC n hdb stop such rag & bone businesses operating in public housing.It not only unhealthy but also a fire hazard condition for all.
    As to why blame the Govt,well is becos when it is reported to the relevant authorities,not action or help is extended to such residents.As its in my case here,NEA ,TC n hdb officers all came but none had done much to stop such hoarding.
    They don’t apply the very rules tt they made.

  2. OMG ….what a pity… I’m a Tamil speaking Singaporean and I can tell the difference when Mandarin, Cantonese or Hokkien is spoken.
    Whomever can’t even understand these fellas speak, need to Integrate more with your Own Fellow Singaporeans from other races!!
    It only goes to show your Ignorance whenever someone speaks their dialect, and you shake your head and poke fun at them, instead of trying to pick up words here and there.
    Everyone knows the vulgar words though in all dialects. Why not some good ones?
    Racial Harmony people!!
    Those guys spoke Tamil in the original video and they are Tamil speaking local Indians, from one of their “Wahlau” comment.

    Not Bangladeshi.

  3. Whether one is poor or rich, one should know howto maintain a home. Not living with cockroaches. In hdb flat one is not spared of cockroaches due the the main incinerators attached to each block. Does that mean we have to live with that roaches!!!! Maintain cleanliness and hygiene

  4. Scott Ivan says:

    This house needs to be heat treated….in other words… burnt…to kill all bugs and bacteria….gosh…what a life this poor lady leads.,. Hope she gets help

    1. He spoke in Tamil stating, ” watch it, she going to take bags out of the place, don’t let her bring it out”, meaning the roaches will get out of the apartment with her and get transported somewhere.
      OMG, there’s so many crawling On her, even tiny ones

    1. Terrie Tan says:

      Jasmina Topic “Also I don’t think a tiny can of bug spray will do much” he was spraying it at her head, she was breathing it in. Lol, if it doesn’t do much, try spraying pesticide around yourself next time, am sure it makes for a great air freshener and keeps bugs at bay 😀

    1. The roaches have been around long before your great great great great great great great great grandfather was born. In fact, even before the dinosaurs were killed off, the roaches were already there.

      Don’t think they were imported by the govt.

    1. Faith Chan says:

      Reminds me of the time, during this past trip to Singapore, when I spotted the largest rats in my life at Bugis late at night. My appetite instantly dropped. ._____.

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