Will there be an end to VietJe’s bikini clad flight attendants?

Photo Credit Airbus

The Vietnamese low-cost airline VietJet has a reputation for breeding controversy, but at times, there are limitations.

And the limitations abound in the immediate market where this fast-rising airline’s campaign to capture a larger market share in Southeast Asia was stalled last year, said WFTV.

VietJet was the first in the travel industry to have their female flight attendants in nothing but two-piece bikinis. That started in way back in 2016.

But last year, the company promised that all flight attendants on their route from Ho Chi Minh City to Jakarta will be fully clothed after Indonesian authorities raised concerns.

The budget airline shot to prominence in 2012 when it hosted a mid-flight dance by bikini-clad beauty pageant contestants on a flight from Ho Chi Minh City to the coastal resort of Nha Thang in east Vietnam.

Read more on VietJets business performances here on WFTV


  1. The owner of this very sucessful airline is a lady. Really smart lady. She has generated millions of dollars in free publicity. And the airline continues to grow n flourish. Only the puritans n femminist are complaining. Dont forget our own national airlines has been using girls to sell the airlines for decades. The only difference is SQ girls have a bit more cloth and a lot less zing.

  2. Sex always sell, and chabors (minus the sex of course, but leaving little to the imagination) have been used to sell cars for the longest time.

    When it is done to this “extreme”, it really demeans women.


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