Woman compares mandatory National Service to giving birth; gets owned instead


A Facebook post owning a woman who compared given birth to mandatory national service conscription has been making fresh rounds on social media once again.

Facebook user Zen Leow asserted that such a comparison is insulting to both men and women and proceeded to take down the woman’s “spectacularly stupid” post in a response that has since become viral, with 5,700 shares, 4,900 likes and nearly 300 comments, mostly calling Leow “savage.”

Leow added online: “I don’t think we should force women of our nation to serve NS but I’m also sick of ladies using the ability to give birth as an excuse…”

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  1. Stop arguing over such things. I wont mind they get 6 mths of BMT where they learn basic skills n get disciplined. Some younger generation are spoiled to the core. It would help shape up. We dont need a big Army n waste our money. When China hold our armoured vehicles we suck our thumb. If Indonesia does the same, we also cant do much. The old doctrine of self defense dont apply today. We must live under US umbrella. If not this govt will keep taxing us to buy expensive toys for Paper Generals to wayang. You remain poor they become multi millionaires.

  2. I don’t know we have national rape service. Ok ladies, by the age of 18 report to camp and start spreading your legs to us. Failure to report will face imprisonment

  3. Some feminist simply do not know where to draw the line and once again has gotten herself within episode of tongue trashing .
    Isn’t it so difficult to understand the theory behind the meaning of a choice and not .

  4. well I thought all ladies always asking to be fair and be equal . Since to be fair why are guys the one go NS only. Even ladies that used “Birth” as a answer it fine we guys know that without male you can’t give birth also. Infact I like Kris Chew gave said Ladies can share some work in NS like learning to be a medic or office work are also sharing responsibility.

  5. #WomenRightsChickenHenWing shit, hmmm, give birth is a choice, make love and sex is still a choice, no one force open your legs unless it’s rape, Oh Wait, women can abort baby without father approval, if women want to keep the baby, the father got no choice, then the women mother can #WomensCharter the father to pay for the baby,

    Fathers are 2nd class citizen 2nd class parent 2nd class father daddy papa aka #SingaporeZooFather #WeekendFather #DisneyLandFather #PartTimeFather #PartTimeDaddy #PartTimePaPa

    1. Willy Kou says:

      I think you really can’t compare the two as it is not apple to apple comparison. It is like the mouth telling the nose , hey why are you not putting food into your nostril.

  6. Your mother carry you for nine months = OCS course
    One month confinement
    Two and half years feeding and changing nappies
    Attend to your illness, tantrums etc
    Lifetime reservist on you
    Including doing laundry for you when you go into ns.
    That is only for one son.
    If that is not service to you and the nation, what is?

  7. Kris Chee says:

    I am female n l am very thankful to the males for the sacrifices they made to protect my country.

    I personally feel we as charbo can do NS as well….like learning First Aid n others none combat activities.

    Every citizens has responsibility to protect our country…..

    1. Kris Chee says:

      Of coz u get shot downed Females can be nurses…LADIES are just ladies, they dont do such job. Know the difference dont blame the PAP supporters….grow a brain.

    2. Kris Chee says:

      Sean Yeo…Yes we womenfolk can play other roles if not any combative ones.

      It’s our homeland we are protecting not the government. Beside the younger females must learn to appreciate what you guys are going thru not complaining smelly when sharing cabs n those in uniform cant even sit in an empty MRT cabin….

    3. Yes. Spore woman serve NS as comfort lady. Ho boh? Typical bootlicker. I understand we need National Service BUT why must serve as police and CD. Follow Sth Korea. Only army and ONlY for 2 years. No stupid reservist till almost 40. Ours is cheap labours not NATIONAL SERVICE OK

    4. Kris Chee, you like passive non combative role; that’s fine as these jobs has to be done.
      I have known that women sign in as fighter pilot and front line artillery squadrons.
      Cheers women we are all equal.

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