Woman falsely accuses executive of sexual harassment, ends up in jail


By: John Lee/

A male senior executive at a multi-national engineering firm in Singapore was falsely accused of sexual harassment by a female employee. The executive allegedly responded by pressuring her to quit and later sued her for damages related to the incident.

The executive won the civil suit, therefore the woman was liable for compensation and the man’s court fees. When the woman refused to pay the fees, she was held in contempt of court for failing to comply with the court order connected to the payment and was subsequently jailed.

The story is the man’s firsthand account of his brush with an overzealous feminist employee and first appeared on the popular sub-reddit r/MGTOW. The executive, going by the username moonraiser, removed his original post for fear of repercussions but has since re-posted it in a follow-up post that elaborates on the story.

Moonraiser described the escalation of the conflict between himself and his subordinate as such:

“In Singapore we have many citizen who went overseas for their further studies and then came back to Singapore to work. Unfortunately many of them picked up extreme feminists view. This is more apparent from people who went to US colleges and infected by weird ideologies. From their social media platform you can usually tell the typical traits of a feminist or SJWs type people.”
“In the department i work in i have 2 such females under me. And they are feminists to say the least. Their social media shows all the typical SJWs ******** and they total embrace their feminism ideology, and they are not afraid to let people know they are proud feminist.
“All the troubles started when during a regular meeting where one of them tries to negotiate her salary with me by bringing out of all things, the gender pay gap.
“I explain to her that in this company we will pay you for what you are worth. Not because of your genitalia. We do not care about your sex, but what you can bring for the company.”

Some time later, the executive was informed that a complaint had been lodged against him and that he would have to meet with Human Resources to discuss it. Apparently, the executive’s comments about “genitalia” and “sex” were the basis for the sexual harassment complaint.

Curiously, the woman also complained that the executive had tried to touch her inappropriately even though he did not do so.

Fortunately for the executive, security footage caught their exchange on camera and contradicted the woman’s account of events. Human Resources promptly dismissed the complaint.

This was not enough for moonraiser who was incensed about falsely being accused of sexual harassment:

“Well HR is done but i am not. I am extremely pissed off with her so i started to mess with her work by making unrealistic demand. Her work eventually got sloppy due to all the stress im putting on her and she quit 4 months after the incident.
“After she quit i decided that I wasnt done yet and i lawyer-ed up and sue her for damages for the incident.
“Well to make long story short she lose, and she’s in jail due to no money.”

In his follow-up post, Moonraiser elaborated: “Basically she had the means to pay me, or pay me back slowly but she refuses and actually tries to “shift” her assets. I was able to prove that thus resulting in her jail term.”

Quite a story, if true, and I believe the man was in the wrong to pressure his employee to quit. However, even if this story is embellished or is completely fabricated, it still has an element of truth to it. It is an accurate depiction of the unhealthy state of gender relations these days.

Perhaps this man’s reaction was a tad overzealous, but consider that without that security footage this story may have gone the other way. The worst case scenario is that the executive may have lost his job and ended up in prison.

If you think that possibility is an exaggeration, then you are willfully ignorant of stories like that of Samuel Armstrong, Isaac Itiary, Mark Azariah and Liam Allan – four cases of alleged rape that collapsed in the same week due to lack of evidence. Their stories are all too common.

There’s a statistic floating out there on the internet that claims false rape accusations account for only 2% of rape accusations. This is a bogus claim, what are we supposed to believe, the feminist narrative or our lying eyes? I think sexual assault is abhorrent, but this #metoo thing is getting out of control.

Moonraiser’s story reflects the reality of the post #metoo era that men have to live in, the workplace has become a veritable minefield for us. Men no longer have any idea what women consider acceptable behaviour anymore. We’re secretly terrified that our behaviour will make us the target of a sexual harassment allegation.

This is a concept that women find hard to understand; how can good men not know what inappropriate behaviour looks like? Well, take this story for instance. The executive tries to explain to his subordinate that her genitalia is irrelevant to his evaluation of her work, but simply by him saying the word “genitalia” she imagines that she has been the victim of sexual harassment. His behaviour is admittedly unprofessional, but sexual harassment?

Imagine for a moment, if the executive had been explaining this to a male employee. Would he have felt harassed? Very likely not. The executive is simply treating his female employee the same way he would have treated any male employee, not thinking that his comments will be interpreted in a sexual manner.

The truth is that men and women think differently, we interpret behaviour differently and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, this aggressive approach to dealing with sexual impropriety at work and in schools often penalizes normal male behaviour and men are beginning to take note.

Instead of re-evaluating their own behaviour men are beginning to ask another question: should men and women be working together at all? Imagine that, the only way to protect women in the workplace is to separate them from the men.

Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer at Facebook, is worried that the #metoo backlash will deter companies from hiring women in the first place. It makes sense from the perspective of business owners, non-compliance with diversity quotas may be easier to manage than rampant allegations of sexual misconduct within their companies.

Way to go feminism, your relentless, scorched earth activism has launched the female sex so far across the social justice spectrum that it landed right back at oppression. But of course no feminist thinks this way, its the patriarchy’s fault, obviously. Its men with their toxic masculinity that’s the problem. The problem with phrases like toxic masculinity is that they demonize masculinity itself, an inherent quality that all men have. It is quite literally demonizing men for being men. All these attitudes serve to do is engender even more animosity between the sexes.

Henry Kissinger famously said “Nobody will ever win the battle of the sexes. There’s too much fraternizing with the enemy.” No one ever won the battle of the sexes because we eventually made peace with one another – we had to if we wanted to procreate.

Not today – today, gender relations are so confused that we’ve forgotten how to make peace. The consequence of this is that we move more and more toward a society in which not only does no one win the battle of the sexes, but everyone loses.

The future isn’t female, the future is segregated.

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  1. “Basically she had the means to pay me, or pay me back slowly but she refuses and actually tries to “shift” her assets. I was able to prove that thus resulting in her jail term.”

  2. Ah Meow ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Feminism is an agenda to destabilize society and create a new world order (NWO). It was espoused by the rockefellers and it is currently being evangelised by the united nations. The ultimate aim of feminism is to destroy the family as a unit of society which 1. prevents the mass indoctrination of children. & 2. produces and nurtures the next generation.

    Superficially, feminism purports to grant freedom to the fairer sex but in reality, the natural order of things have been upended. Devotion to the family is now secondary to dedication to one’s career. Women are painted as victims and are taught to be selfish in their quest to achieve “equal rights”. Sex is now not reserved for marriage. Families end up broken.

  3. Facebook Profile photo
    Jake Tan ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “I am extremely pissed off with her so i started to mess with her work by making unrealistic demand.”

    Way to screw yourself by boasting about this in public. The guy may not be guilty of sexual harassment, but such abuse of power isn’t a lesser wrong either.

  4. The nature of XY and YY chromosome does not change when it was created that way.

    What is the roots caused of such claimed?

    The Law is created to …. bias against ….XY or YY ?

    The money (high cost) is created from greedy and craving. …. for more worldy materialistic living. (Dreams. ..)

    Why point the finger on the chromosomes ….. of it origin?

    Just my opinion

  5. HC Ng says:

    The biggest mistake our forefather ever made is to embrace feminism and now we got social issue like low birth rate, increasing divorce rate etc

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