Zahid Hamidi faces backlash after attacking Mahathir’s racial origin

YB Dato' Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

In a ‘Mahathir is not truly Malay’ campaign, the Malaysian deputy Prime Minister is said to have gone so low in claiming that former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad is of Indian origin.

Zahid accused Mahathir of using the Malays and Umno all this while on the “pretence” of championing the Malay agenda.

He brought up Mahathir’s Indian ancestry, saying that the man who had been prime minister for 22 years has a ‘blue IC’ that states that his name is Mahathir anak lelaki (son of) Iskandar Kutty. His IC number is 2232519.

“The National Registration Department (NRD) chief gave me this information,” said Zahid.

Little did Zahid know that the social media will be abuzz with his claim, with some blasting him off for the ‘racial’ attack.

The video below shows Zahid speaking in Malay, attacking Mahathir on his alleged Indian origin and making a point that people who have ‘anak lelaki’ or ‘son of’ in their identity cards are not Malays.

Many among the Mamak group – Indian Muslims – in Malaysia still have ‘son of’ in their identity cards and they are now considered Malays.

The division of Muslims in Malaysia has been an ongoing issue, fought against by those who do not fall under the ‘Malay’ banner.

But many Malays refuses to accept them too, in the ‘Melayu’ contingent.

However, Zahid’s attack against Mahathir drew harsh comments from many opposition followers.

Some calling him ‘betrayer’ and the worst deputy PM that has ever been born in this country.

But most of those who criticised Zahid for his comments on Mahathir said the Deputy PM should look back at his own origins before attacking others for not being ‘Malay’.

Others said since Zahid is of ‘Javanese’ origin – and saying that he praised his Javanese origin on Indonesian television recently – should ask Mahathir and the Indian Muslims for forgiveness.

“If you fail to ask forgiveness, lets all of us join forces and vote against the BN-Umno regime,” says one WhatsApp message circulating in Malaysia.

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  1. So tell me where are the origin of malay, chinese & indian from? Please enlighten me!!! Malay are derive from Indonesia, if its not from their ancestor that are of Javanese, Boyanese, Bugis & many more dialects, then where do the malay come from? Mars?

    Arrogant and racist brainless idiot. Chinese & Indian too have roots in this part of the world. Malaysia too was under the Raja who is of hindu origin and they are Indonesian. Be proud of the many people that came together to built the country as “One” nation.

    Don’t be like our country who is one sided and always playing subliminal mind game with the one religion in mind “the money god”. The rest is obsolete, whether the citizen live or dead is just a number to them. Don’t be fool by the devil who’s just wants to own your soul. Don’t use the ” Malay” “Chinese” “Indian” cards to seize your greedy agender, regardless race, the only race I see is gamen race of incompetent to run this cuntry. VTO! VTO!

    We need a TRUE BLUE singaporean leader that has sweat & bleed for our own people first, for the people of Singapura, to the people of Singapura only. Not the foreign trash that are arrogant & ungrateful to have a job that was mean for us with BS credibility mill degree, that was stole from us.

  2. Facebook Profile photo
    Yeok Fong Yong ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “worst deputy PM that has ever been born in this country”. Unquote. True statement. What’s wrong to be Indian origin, Javanese origin or even Bugi origin? Of course Zahid wants to stir up racial sentiments having failed to whack Lim Kit Siang and DAP as Chinese pigs (cannot lah because this will offense President Xi and if President Xi got angry, pulled out all investment, Malaysia will sink into the Abyss!). Other strange deeds like met a dead Saudi king to confirm Najib’s RM2.6billion donation; hostages free without paying ransom but RM12 million money ransom given to Filipino charities instead of returning it to family; met a mysterious organisation telling him Malaysia Police force is Asean Best; writing a letter of support in favour of world’s biggest bookmaker, Sarawakian Paul Phua Wei Seng to the US Federal Bureau of Investigations. OMG!!!

  3. Dr M is Mamak. Alamak after they accepted him and let him rule for a lifetime, then wake up? So Singkies WAKE UP NOW, SAY “NO” to Halimah who is not a Malay. Malay for EP. This is the word if our supreme Prime minister.

  4. Dr M is a proven leader; he has North-South Expressway as a proof of his contribution to Malaysia.
    Halimah Yaccob? Her tenure as SMRT director under Saw Phaik Hwa contributed to a whopping S$900m+ bill to taxpayers. Anyone thinks MM Lee will not speak out agst her contesting EP if he’s still around?
    Adhering to party chairman KBW’s own words, she is one of those who shld harakiri than stick around consuming air..
    {SMRT’s renewal and upgrading measures, according to Mr Tan, are expected to cost about $900 million in total. The company is discussing with LTA on cost-sharing arrangements.}

    1. Sorry bro I never said Javanese are idiots that’s you misinterpretation. I said this idiot meaning Zahid is a Javanese. If you take who are Malays there is a whole lot covered but not all speaks Malay. Malay language is actually partially used dialect. Filipino is Malay if nusantara is Malay even Tahitian is Malay for that reason

    2. Javanese is consider in the Malay Race. Part of the Nusantara aka Malay archipelago. Bugis, Javanese, Malay, Minang and Boyanese plus those Bumis in Sabah and Sarawak are considered in the Malay Race. Even Singapore recognised this.

    1. Facebook Profile photo
      Zhou Xing ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      Shabas! Competency come first. However, this term of PE should be an energetic Malay. Certainly the depictions of Malaya HE Agong, Tuan Yusof bin Ishak and Mr Mao Zedong on their respective country’s currency does carry weight.

    2. Jega Sara says:

      Our government for reasons best known to them created the problem of race in a democratic election. I hate the idea of race or religion in official positions!

    3. Jogen Ishak Ahmad Then could you start some petition to revert the election to a non-reserved OneSolution . It makes it very convincing to have the Malay community to come out with this request.

  5. Loh Michael ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    With the group of rotten leaderships running Malaysia, the country will not only falls knee deep in debts with China, the country will become part of China in a couple of years if BN wins the next GE. So you Malaysians better think twice on your future and your only guarantee to be still carrying the Malaysian passport (not that its the best) is to vote Mahathir on a manifesto of wrestling back Malaysia who had fallen to a group of crooks.

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